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Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals elected; McGuinty is dubbed the “Education Premier” for his focus on improving the quality of, and access to, higher education in the province.

Federal government announces increased transfer payments to the provinces for health and higher education.

November 15: OCUFA moves to 83 Yonge Street.

OCUFA begins running a major radio campaign, focusing on the issues of opportunity, affordability, and quality of education; ads also challenge the government on its lack of adequate preparation for the double cohort and warns about the quality and accessibility of Ontario’s higher-education system, which has had more than $1 billion withdrawn from it since 1995.

OCUFA estimates that it will take about $800 million to hire the 11,000 faculty the Rae Review said would be needed to cover both looming faculty retirements and increased applications to universities in the coming decade.

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