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David Peterson (Liberals) comes to power (to 1990), with a slight minority, and agrees to a formal Accord whereby the Liberals agree to introduce a series of progressive measures, including pay equity, in exchange for support from Bob Rae’s NDP MPPs.

New University Excellence Fund announced; provides an extra $50 million in special grants to the universities in 1986/7: $10 million for faculty renewal, $15 million for research resources, and $25 million for library acquisitions.

OCUFA and CAUT agree to sponsor two test cases to establish whether universities can force employees to retire at 65.

Ontario government begins creating Ontario Centres of Excellence; federal government follows suit in 1988 with a similar program nationally.

Provincial employment equity funding extended to the university sector: “the fund is intended to assist institutions in developing and implementing employment equity/affirmative action programs for women employees.”

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