On March 22, 2016, the members of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology Faculty Association (UOITFA) ratified their new collective agreement with the employer. Here is the UOITFA statement on the deal. Last week on the final scheduled day of mediation prior to the UOITFA strike deadline, the UOITFA and UOIT reached a tentative […]

Faculty at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) are speaking out against a new policy that bars students, faculty members, and the public from attending meetings of the Board of Governors. The policy requires five working days of notice for any individual to attend as an observer, and 10 daysnotice for anyone wishing to speak. The policy also defines […]

The new agreement for contract academic staff at Laurier has been ratified by members and the university’s Board of Governors. The new three-year deal will expire on August 31, 2016. Of the contract academic members voting, 82.1% cast their ballot in favour of the agreement.  The new deal provides a 1.5% scale increase in each year, […]

Collective bargaining continues at Ontario’s universities, with seven faculty associations currently at the table. Two of these associations (Brescia and UOIT Teaching Stream faculty) are negotiating their first contract. Two more associations are preparing to begin bargaining soon. At UOIT, appropriate permanency/continuing employment provisions for teaching stream faculty remains an issue. At Ottawa, the faculty association […]

After close to 16 months without a contract, members of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology Faculty Association (UOITFA) have come to a tentative agreement with the university. Ratification voting will conclude Thursday. “This has been a long and at times challenging process to reach a tentative agreement,” said UOITFA President Hannah Scott. “Our […]