Today, OCUFA released new poll findings on public attitudes towards higher education and austerity in Southwestern Ontario. Presented at a news conference at the University of Western Ontario, the results indicate that residents of the region do not want the government’s deficit-cutting agenda to compromise the quality of university education in the province. Key findings […]

On Wednesday, February 6, 2013, OCUFA will be co-presenting a town hall discussion on austerity and higher education at Western University. We invite all London-area students, staff, and faculty to join us for an evening of discussion and analysis. Speakers include: Jeff Tennant – Associate Professor, Department of French Studies, UWO Alison Hearn – Associate […]

It is not hard to imagine what will happen to student debt as governments scale back their funding for postsecondary education, causing institutions to increase tuition to cover the shortfall. The latest report on student debt in the United States shows that the average inflation-adjusted debt for first time bachelor’s degree graduates rose from $14,700 […]

Four years after the beginning of the financial crisis, restrained public funding and domestic income means American students are looking for ways to reduce their educational spending and increase their in-study income, according to a new poll. Inflation-adjusted tuition and mandatory fees at four-year public universities for in-state, domestic students has risen by nine per […]

It should come as no surprise that, in a recent BMO survey , more post-secondary students identified paying for their education as a greater source of stress than their academic success or job prospects. With Ontario leading the way, average tuition increases in Canada have outstripped inflation and the share of university operating funding coming from the pockets […]

According to Statistics Canada , Ontario university students pay the highest average domestic tuition in Canada. Undergraduates pay 13 per cent more than their peers in Nova Scotia, the next most expensive province. Even after accounting for student support paid from university operating budgets, Ontario domestic and international students together pay on average 41 per cent more […]

Professors and academic librarians are concerned about the quality of education at Ontario’s universities, according to a new survey released today. Of those surveyed, 42 per cent believed that quality had declined at their institution. “Ontario’s universities have welcomed thousands of new students over the past five years, but public funding has just not kept […]