Four years after the beginning of the financial crisis, restrained public funding and domestic income means American students are looking for ways to reduce their educational spending and increase their in-study income, according to a new poll. Inflation-adjusted tuition and mandatory fees at four-year public universities for in-state, domestic students has risen by nine per […]

New Statistics Canada data reveals that a university education continues to insulate grads from economic shocks. However, grads are not immune to pressures in the labour market—the number of workers with a university degree grew faster than the number of employed university graduates.   An earlier edition of Data Check reported on Canadian and international evidence showing […]

The latest Education Indicators in Canada report from Statistics Canada shows that the national unemployment rate for those with university education continues to be lower than the remainder of the working population. Although unemployment caused by the Great Recession peaked in 2009 for most Canadians, the highest level of unemployment amongst the university-educated was in 2010.   Other wrinkles […]

Almost without exception, unemployment rates in countries across the OECD rose during the “Great Recession” , no matter the education level. But while still high, unemployment rates — and the amount they rose — were lower for those with college and university education. The percentage of people with higher education who are employed tends to be highest in the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, and Switzerland – around […]