On November 28, 2012, OCUFA President Constance Adamson met with Rob Leone, MPP for Cambridge and PC Critic for Training, Colleges, and Universities. The purpose of the meeting was to provide the faculty perspective on higher education issues for an upcoming Tory white paper. During the meeting, Adamson highlighted the need for teaching and research to […]

On January 23, 2012, OCUFA President Constance Adamson met with the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Glen Murray. Among other issues, Adamson spoke of the urgent need for faculty hiring and quality investments in the university sector.   For his part, the Minister highlighted the province’s fiscal challenges, as well as his early plans […]

With a mere eight days of campaigning left, Ontario’s close election campaign may come down to tonight’s leader debate. So what should faculty and students be looking for? Higher education will likely come up during the debate, especially after the Liberal-NDP spat over per-student funding. There are two big policy questions at play here: How […]

This election, every political party is making promises about postsecondary education that will affect academic staff, students, and their families. Let’s look at what they’re proposing.
Not surprisingly, tuition fees are a big issue. The Liberals are promising a 30 per cent tuition fee reduction for university undergraduate and college students from low- and middle-income families. The reduction […]