Librarians and archivists at McMaster University and Western University have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike mandates in their ongoing negotiations with their respective employers. The mandates authorize their leadership to call a strike if an equitable deal cannot be reached at the bargaining table. At McMaster, a 92 per cent turnout yielded a 100 per cent vote in favour of a strike mandate . The employer is attempting to remove the […]

This week, news broke that the Ontario Labour Relations Board will investigate the McMaster administration’s conduct during its negotiations with cleaning staff. The administration threatened to outsource the jobs of the cleaning staff if they did not approve the final offer, prompting the investigation. The cleaning staff in question are the lowest paid staff at […]

The McMaster University Faculty Association (MUFA) has ratified a new, four-year agreement with their administration. The new deal includes a 1% pension offset in year one; a lump sum of $1250 and a 1% pension offset in year two; and 1.5% increases in year three and four, with lump sums of $1850 and $1925 respectively. […]