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The latest issue of Academic Matters – now available online – examines  issues of sexual violence on campus, with a focus on the Government of Ontario’s action plan to stop sexual violence and harassment. Set to go into effect in January, 2017, new legislation will require all colleges and universities in the province to adopt a sexual violence […]

The new issue of Academic Matters, Higher Education and Leviathan , is now live online and arriving in mailboxes across Canada. It examines the changing relationship between universities and the state, and features important commentary by an insightful group of writers. Starting here in Ontario, Sue Herbert writes about the rationale for the provincial government’s review of the university funding model , and provides some initial thoughts on what has been learned through […]

This post originally appeared on Academic Matters . There are missing voices in the public conversation around higher education, and it is hurting our ability to articulate alternative visions for the future of our universities. Last week, OCUFA staff attended the Canadian Society for Studies in Higher Education (CSSHE) conference at the excellent Congress of the Social Sciences in Ottawa. As usual, it wasa diverse program filled with interesting higher […]

The Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Academic Matters is now live online and arriving in faculty mailboxes across Ontario. It takes a look at the challenge of contract faculty work from an international perspective. The increased use of part-time faculty is a growing challenge for higher education systems around the world. In many cases, it’s a grim situation for […]

The Fall 2014 issue of Academic Matters is now live at . The latest issue of OCUFA’s flagship publication commemorates the 50th anniversary of OCUFA and looks at the future of faculty associations in Ontario and beyond. The issue features articles by Herbert Pimlott on building solidarity with contract faculty ; Trish Hennessey on the staying power of unions ; and Larry Savage and […]

The latest issue of Academic Matters , OCUFA’s flagship publication is now live online. Titled “Rethinking Town and Gown,” the issue highlights the connections that exist between universities and their host communities. We also look at ways of strengthening the relationship between town and gown, in an effort to enrich both worlds. George Fallis considers the question of what, […]

The newest issue of Academic Matters is now available online and in faculty mailboxes across Ontario. The magazine is OCUFA’s flagship publication, dedicated to exploring ideas and controversies that matter to academics and academia. In this issue, we’re trying to get to grips with the changing world of graduate education and we’ve assembled an impressive group of contributors […]

OCUFA is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Academic Matters , OCUFA’s flagship journal of higher education, is now available online. Titled “The War on Knowledge,” the magazine examines attempts to muzzle scientists and academic librarians in Ontario, cuts to important data sources, and how over-exuberance for certain technological tools threatens the public university. Featured articles […]

As the print edition of Academic Matters arrives in faculty mailboxes across Ontario, we would like to invite you participate in our reader survey. Your feedback ensures that the magazine remains relevant, focused, and attentive to the issues that matter most to the academic community. When you complete the survey, you will be entered to win […]

The November issue of Academic Matters, OCUFA’s journal of higher education, is now available online and in faculty association offices across Ontario.  Featuring articles by Ken Coates and Chilean academic Andrés Bernasconi, as well as several Quebec faculty members and students, the issue examines “Anger and the Academy”. Looking at the recent and unprecedented protest […]

Academic Matters – OCUFA’s flagship publication – has received a facelift with a brand new website. The new site improves functionality, puts more emphasis on our blogs, and integrates better with the magazine’s social media channels.   The official launch of the new website coincides with the publication of our May 2012 issue. Using the […]