This post originally appeared on Academic Matters . There are missing voices in the public conversation around higher education, and it is hurting our ability to articulate alternative visions for the future of our universities. Last week, OCUFA staff attended the Canadian Society for Studies in Higher Education (CSSHE) conference at the excellent Congress of the Social Sciences in Ottawa. As usual, it wasa diverse program filled with interesting higher […]

If one were to follow the career track of female and male graduate students, to what degree do individuals in each category end up in the higher echelons of the academy, and why? These are questions that have been addressed in a new book, Do Babies Matter? Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower by Mary Ann Mason, Nicholas H. Wolfinger and Marc Goulden of […]

Higher education is under attack. Internationalization, politics, and worldwide economic trends are forcing universities and colleges to ask themselves tough questions. Criticisms are commonplace in the media, while new communications technologies threaten traditional institutions. So what lies ahead? Let’s talk about it. Join Worldviews 2013 on Tuesday, April 16 from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. […]

Registration is now open for the 2013 Worldviews Conference on Media and Higher Education . Co-organized by OCUFA, Worldviews explores the complex – and occasionally fraught – relationship between academic and media. Worldviews 2013 will be a lively two-day conference, assembling a variety of thinkers – academics, editors, students, journalists, communications professionals – offering critical perspectives on higher education and the media and possible directions […]

From Jan. 10-11, 2013, OCUFA held its annual conference in Toronto. This year’s theme was “Academia in the Age of Austerity”, and the program was designed to explore the impacts the “austerity agenda” has had – and will continue to have – on higher education. The speakers included faculty members, higher education researchers, students, members […]

Age of Austerity Conference

Governments in Canada and elsewhere have embraced “austerity” as a necessary public policy to eliminate budgetary deficits and ensure future prosperity.  How has this “austerity agenda” affected faculty, students, administrators and institutions in Ontario, in Canada, and globally?  Is “austerity” inevitable, or are there alternatives?   And what might universities do now, and in the future, […]