University Governance

Collegial governance has been increasingly under attack at Ontario universities. Faculty associations across the province have raised alarm over how universities are being governed. Top-down management from corporatized Boards and Administrations, erosion of transparency and accountability, and silencing and sidelining of faculty, staff, and student voices are among common concerns across the sector.


About the OCUFA University Governance Committee

The OCUFA University Governance Committee was established in 2018 in response to the growing concerns among OCUFA members regarding the erosion of collegial governance at Ontario universities. Over the last several years, the committee has conducted a fairly comprehensive survey of governance policies and practices at Ontario universities and published a report, developed a policy statement for OCUFA on principles of collegial governance, and a subsequent advocacy tool in the form of a Governance Report Card which helps faculty associations asses the status of collegial governance at their institutions against the principles outlined in the OCUFA policy. Most recently The committee also developed a resource on “Strategies for enhancing collegial governance and effectiveness in governance spaces” which focuses on practical strategies and tactics for addressing barriers to shared governance and faculty participation in university governance.

A Labour Day Interview with OCUFA President Nigmendra Narain

  OCUFA’s new President Nigmendra Narain, a Lecturer in Political Science at Western University, started his two-year term in July 2023. In recognition of Labour Day, he talks about the labour issues faculty and academic librarians face today, and how we can work collaboratively to improve working conditions for all workers across our campuses and […]

OCUFA adopts a four-year strategic priorities plan at recent Board of Directors meeting

The OCUFA Board of Directors adopted a four-year strategic priorities plan which aligns with the Provincial election cycle. This plan will help the organization be more effective and impactful, and offer opportunities to incorporate longer-term and goals into current priority projects. Additionally, it will help focus on legislative changes that should lead to collective gains […]

Ontario faculty support call for public inquiry into Laurentian debacle

SUDBURY/TORONTO, December 6, 2022 – The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) supports a call from the  Laurentian University Faculty Association  (LUFA) for a public inquiry into the financial crisis at Laurentian University, which led to unprecedented program cuts and faculty and staff job losses. “A public inquiry is necessary to ensure that the disaster that took place at […]

Unsealed Laurentian documents show university avoided transparency, accountability during financial crisis

SUDBURY/TORONTO, November 29, 2022 – The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) is pleased that the Superior Court of Justice has agreed to unseal correspondence between Laurentian University and the Ministry of Colleges and Universities relating to the university’s insolvency claims in early 2021. However, the unsealing of these documents after 69 program cuts, […]

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