Election 2014


This election, every political party is making promises and proposals that will affect university faculty, students, and their families.

OCUFA has assembled resources to help you understand each party’s platform and their positions on issues that will have an impact on higher education in Ontario – share them with your friends and colleagues .

You can also take action by sending a message to your local candidates and to the party leaders telling them that higher education matters to you.

Check back often for the latest news and additional resources.

Underfunding, rising student-faculty ratios, and soaring tuition fees are putting our universities at risk. Let your local candidates know that it’s time to invest in the quality, accessibility, and affordability of our universities.

Tell the party leaders and your local candidates that you want them to make higher education a priority this election.

To send an email, please fill out the form below. This information allows us to connect you to your candidates and make sure your message is heard. We won’t ever share your personal information with a third party.

Once you complete and submit the form, you will be taken to step two where you can view and edit the email to your local candidates.

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Professor Glen Jones,  Ontario Research Chair in Post-secondary Education Policy and Measurement at the University of Toronto, on Higher Education in the 2014 provincial election.

Plus, short videos featuring Glen Jones on Higher Education issues in the 2014 election:


Professor Larry Savage, Director of the Centre for Labour Studies at Brock University, on labour issues for faculty and academic librarians in the 2014 Ontario provincial election.

Plus, short videos featuring Larry Savage on labour issues in the 2014 election:

Read and share this one-page summary of what each of the three major parties has to say on funding for postsecondary education, faculty hiring, affordability, protecting collective bargaining rights and pensions.

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This questionnaire has been distributed to the leaders of the major political parties to get a better sense of where they stand on issues that matter to university professors and academic librarians. We will post their responses as they become available. This survey can also be distributed to local candidates.

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Everything you need to get involved locally, including how to organize meetings with your local candidates and tips for planning an all candidates meeting

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Why faculty expertise is essential to implementing university technology

In the latest issue of  Educated Solutions  on the theme of technology in postsecondary education, OCUFA President Nigmendra Narain made the case for why faculty expertise must be integrated into university decision-making around technology and artificial intelligence, now and in the future.   “Students should expect a transformative experience in a classroom. And it’s our faculty who […]

Faculty and academic librarians say more can be done to improve campus safety

OCUFA President Nigmendra Narain spoke to media about the issue of campus safety, following the tragic attack at University of Waterloo in June 2023. In several interviews, he offered recommendations for universities and the provincial government to improve safety for all members of the campus community.   Funding universities properly is an important part of […]

Ontario faculty call for transparency from government on student housing crisis consultations

TORONTO, September 13, 2023 – Faculty and academic librarians are calling for more clarity and bold solutions from the Minister of Colleges and Universities after a recent announcement that the Ministry will host consultations on the student housing crisis this fall. The Minister announced the start of roundtable meetings that include representatives from municipalities, private […]

A Labour Day Interview with OCUFA President Nigmendra Narain

  OCUFA’s new President Nigmendra Narain, a Lecturer in Political Science at Western University, started his two-year term in July 2023. In recognition of Labour Day, he talks about the labour issues faculty and academic librarians face today, and how we can work collaboratively to improve working conditions for all workers across our campuses and […]

The Ontario Universities and Colleges Coalition (OUCC) Joint Statement on Ontario’s Blue-Ribbon Panel

TORONTO, June 1, 2023 – The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA), Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/SEFPO), Ontario Secondary Schools Teachers Federation (OSSTF/FESSO), Canadian Federation of Students (CFS-Ontario), Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) are deeply concerned about the composition, […]

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