Lorimer Award (Bargaining Award)

Nomination Criteria
  • candidates must be in an OCUFA Member association
  • candidates’ achievements may include, but are not limited to, the following: organizational leadership, providing assistance to other Member associations within OCUFA or dedicated service
  • the outstanding quality of the contribution must derive from the accumulation of efforts through consistent involvement over a long period of time in supporting the cause of bargaining in the university sector

The selection committee shall consist of two members from the OCUFA Collective Bargaining Committee, two representatives from the OCUFA Executive and the Executive Director, or designate.

Nomination Process

  •  a letter giving a detailed statement describing specifically the contributions and achievements of the candidate as they relate to distinguished contributions to the advancement of bargaining
  •  a full curriculum vitae
  •  letters of support
  •  the Selection Committee will make up to one recommendation per year to the OCUFA Board
The Selection Committee may gather further information as it feels necessary to assist in its decision making.