Grievance/Arbitration Award


The Grievance/Arbitration Award is open to current or previous academic faculty as well as faculty association staff from Ontario Universities who have made outstanding contributions to the defence of collective agreements and advancement of equity through the grievance/arbitration process.

The OCUFA Grievance Committee Chair and Vice Chair cannot be nominated at the time they are serving.


Exemplary grievance/arbitration activity can take a variety of different forms. Much of the effort by Grievance Officers is out of the public eye, and based on careful work laying the foundations for the successful resolution of individual and often confidential cases. Whether through engagement with members, team building, or commanding the respect of counterparts, even high profile successes depend on the conditions established by effective grievance/arbitration practices. Among other attributes and accomplishments, nominees may have distinguished themselves by their:

  • Experience and expertise: length of service and demonstration of commitment, skills and knowledge brought to bear working with members and protecting their rights;
  • Contributions to capacity building: grievance officer education and development, internal association adaptation to serve members;
  • Innovation and leadership: cultivating strength in representation of members; undertaking novel approaches, pursuing difficult cases, pushing legal, organizational and cultural boundaries;
  • Notable successes: noteworthy grievance and/or arbitration cases, changes in grievance handling, shifts in the conduct and climate of labour relations;
  • Impact: within the nominee’s faculty association, the broader grievance officer community, in the conduct of labour relations at their institution, legal touchstones.

Nomination Process

Individuals may be nominated by an OCUFA member association, a member of a standing or ad hoc OCUFA committee, or an OCUFA Board Director.

Nominations shall include:

  • A letter detailing the length of service as well as the specific contributions and achievements of the nominee
  • Letters of Support
  • A Curriculum Vitae


TBA 2025



The OCUFA Executive Committee, along with Chair and Vice Chair of the OCUFA Grievance Committee will act as the selection committee for this award.