OCUFA launches “We Teach Ontario” Campaign

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Teaching and research are at the heart of Ontario’s universities and together produce extraordinary results for students and their communities. We Teach Ontario, a new OCUFA initiative, celebrates how professors use research to enrich their students’ learning and strengthen the province.

“Ontario professors and academic librarians know how powerful the connection between teaching and research can be for students; they live it every day,” said Constance Adamson, President of OCUFA. “We Teach Ontario tells this important story to the people of our province.”

We Teach Ontario features videos of professors who connect research and teaching to educate a new generation of thinkers, scientists, leaders, and communicators. Visitors to the campaign website – www.weteachontario.ca – can share the videos, learn more about the important work done by Ontario’s professors, and leave their own stories and reflections for others to read.

“While truly impressive, our featured professors are not unique. They exemplify the commitment to knowledge and student success shared by faculty across Ontario,” said Adamson.

Featured professors include Lisa Philipps, Professor of Law, York University; Barry Smit, Professor of Geography, University of Guelph; Vinita Srivastava, Associate Professor of Journalism, Ryerson University; Ross Upshur, Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto; and Mary Wells, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo.

A recent OCUFA study found that 68 per cent of Ontarians believe research should be connected at the province’s universities. We Teach Ontario demonstrates that this belief is more than justified.

“Universities are essential to our economy, to the health of our society, and to the success of our young people,” said Adamson. “By linking research and teaching, professors provide the education our students need and Ontario expects.”

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