OCUFA’s “Top Five” Holiday Wishes

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  1. That Ontario universities hire 6,000 new professors to restore the student-faculty ratio to 2001 levels.
  2. That the Ontario government increase per-student funding to its universities, which is the lowest in Canada and 25 per cent lower than in 1990. Ontario needs to invest in quality, not just in new spaces!
  3. That Don Drummond, due to report to Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan in the New Year about how to cut provincial spending, understands Ontario can’t cut its way out of fiscal trouble without making the underlying economic   trouble worse!
  4. That pundits begin to understand the essential link between teaching and scholarship.
  5. That unnamed media commentators shed their analytical straitjackets and view universities as important public institutions critical to social, cultural, intellectual, and economic development rather than costly job-training centres. 

Leave your own “wish list” for a better university system to in the comments, and we will publish the best in the New Year.

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