Helping faculty hold administrators to account on university budgets

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On November 22, 2013, OCUFA held a university finance workshop. The goal was to provide tools to faculty associations to hold their administrations to account on financial issues.
Faculty association representatives from across Ontario listened to presentations on how to interpret, challenge, and communicate about institutional budgets. Speakers included CCPA economist Hugh MacKenzie, Toronto City Councillor Shelley Carol, and a variety of faculty association experts.
Participants also attended a session examining the experiences of faculty at Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier, York, and Brock on so-called “program prioritization processes.” These initiatives are attempts to rank all programs – including administration – delivered by a university. These rankings are then used to allocate resources. Program prioritization usurps Senate authority for academic decision-making, and can be used as a justification for cutbacks and program closures. OCUFA is working closely with faculty across Ontario to resist and block program prioritization.
OCUFA will be making presentations and proceedings from the workshop available over the coming weeks.

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