Major Campaigns

  • 1983

    Bill 179 Campaign (responding to implementation of the Inflation Restraint Act)

  • 1984

    Bovey Campaign – Ontario's Future: Ontario's Universities

  • 1985

    Election '85: Making Higher Education Count (broad-based media campaign)

  • 1990

    OCUFA Workshop on Lobbying and Media Relations: Election 1990

  • 1994

    Anti–Model C campaign

  • 1999

    Election ’99 (broad-based media campaign to increase funding for higher education, preceded by province-wide workshops on lobbying and media relations)

  • 2000

    Campaign to oppose privatization of Ontario universities – OCUFA Queen’s Park hearings

  • 2003

    Double Cohort campaign; Election 2003 campaign

  • 2004–06

    Campaign to eliminate mandatory retirement; campaign to extend Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) to universities

  • 2007

    Quality Matters; Election 2007 campaign accompanied by workshops on media relations and lobbying

  • 2011

    Election 2011 campaign using social media extensively and accompanied by workshop on media relations and lobbying

  • 2013

    We Teach Ontario campaign launch, highlighting the importance of teaching and research to university education and communities; anti-austerity campaign begins; OCUFA pension reform initiative begins

  • 2014

    Election 2014 campaign using extensive social media

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