Review of Ontario’s university funding formula gets underway

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Over the past few months, OCUFA has been reporting on the upcoming review of the university funding formula in Ontario. Last week, the process began in earnest and OCUFA plans to be engaged at every step.

OCUFA has already had several conversations with Sue Hebert, who is leading the review on behalf of the government. On Monday, April 27th, OCUFA staff attended an open briefing on the existing formula, where details of the review were revealed. Based on this early information, it appears there will be numerous opportunities for OCUFA to provide the perspective of professors and academic librarians.

On Wednesday, April 29th, the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU) released a discussion paper outlining the government’s framework for the review. MTCU also announced a one-day symposium on the funding formula, which is being held on May 6, 2015. OCUFA President Kate Lawson has been asked to present OCUFA’s perspective as part of a stakeholder panel at the symposium.

OCUFA will be providing continuous updates on the progress of the funding formula review. More information is also available on the funding formula review website.

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