The Professors’ Association of Saint Paul University reaches new collective agreement

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Members of the Professors’ Association of Saint Paul University (PASPU) have ratified a three-year agreement. The agreement includes significant non-monetary gains that protect the membership and foster career development. The new agreement includes equity gains, including language permitting members to include the period of pregnancy and parental leave towards service time calculations for promotion and tenure. Workload is expanded to included community service, program development, and program evaluation. Language in the new agreement also strengthens governance procedures by allowing the PASPU to appoint a representative to any strategic planning committee in the university, as well as ensuring the association is consulted regarding changes to the university’s Research Committee. New language brings Ontario Health & Safety legislation into the Agreement for the first time, together with language regarding the provision of a harassment-free workplace, as well as defining responsibilities regarding new Ontarian accessibility legislation.

Monetary items include a 1% scale increase. In addition, new hires will receive $2,500 start-up fund to be used within their first 24 months. Professional development funds are increased by 25% to a total of $2,500 per annum. A separate letter of agreement has been negotiated that grants each member an additional $500 in professional development funds for 2020-21, which can be carried forward. The agreement includes language which re-opens salary increase negotiations if Bill 124 is repealed during the lifetime of the agreement.

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