Send an email and show your support for decent work laws

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Last year saw the biggest reforms to labour laws for workers in forty years. Working with the Fight for $15 & Fairness, faculty are part of the movement that won these gains in Ontario. Now, employers and the big business community are pressuring Ford’s government to roll back decent work laws.

Send an email to your MPP and Premier Doug Ford today to show your support for decent work laws.

Faculty associations are already putting the new decent work laws into action by securing two per cent additional vacation pay for contract faculty members and by consolidating bargaining units to promote more effective collective bargaining. Across Ontario, other workers are counting on recently won paid sick days, equal pay for equal work measures, and the planned $15 minimum wage.

However, any day after the legislature reopens, the government could take steps to roll back these important measures. Until then, we can make our voices heard by sending an email to the Premier and attending events in our communities. This will help show newly elected MPPs that Ontarians support a $15 minimum wage and decent work.

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  1. Angela Fera

    Ontarians deserve a decent living wage and equal pay for equal work. Please do not roll back the biggest reform for workers in over 40 years after years of public consultation and discussion. Ontario and its citizens need this legislation!

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