Send a message to help end the strike at UNBC

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Faculty at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) have now been on strike for almost two weeks. The UNBC Faculty Association has been working hard to negotiate a fair deal, but the university administration continues to demand unacceptable concessions on promotion and tenure and job protections for contract faculty, as well as an experimental salary structure that would be unique to UNBC. There is no reason UNBC can’t accept the same kind of salary structure used at successful universities across Canada.

Support UNBC faculty today. Send the university administration a letter demanding they sit down and negotiate a fair contract that recognizes and respects the important contributions faculty make at the university.

4 Responses to “Send a message to help end the strike at UNBC”

  1. Bruce Self


    Time to join the 21st century. Get a chief negotiator who is not a protege of Trump on the Apprentice. He is a crazy loose cannon and it sounds like your chief negotiator is also.
    If you want to keep quality educators you are going to have to pay them and stop trying to roll back the clock on benefits.

  2. Mary Ann Sturdy

    Settle this. You’re being ridiculous. Am ashamed to have voted in the NDP. You’re supposed to be good at this.

  3. Crystal Peters

    The UNBC faculty association has been negotiating in good faith. Please be fair. The educators deserve your respect. They deserve a fair salary and benefits. Be fair to them, and to the students. Do the right thing. PLAY NICE!!!

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