OCUFA meets with Ontario Minister of Labour

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On April 16, 2012, OCUFA President Constance Adamson, Executive Director Mark Rosenfeld, Research Director Donna Gray, and Government and Community Relations Analyst Erica Rayment met with Minister of Labour Linda Jeffrey. This was OCUFA’s first meeting with the Minister.
In addition to introducing Minister Jeffrey to the organization, OCUFA sought clarification on some of the labour proposals contained in the 2012 Ontario Budget. The Minister confirmed that while circumstances have indeed changed in light of the province’s constrained fiscal situation, faculty associations will continue to bargain as usual. She also indicated that she was open to hearing from OCUFA further about empowering the OLRB to merge bargaining units if requested by the union, or to combine newly certified workers into an existing unit.
OCUFA will continue to meet with Ministry of Labour staff over the coming months and monitor new developments in the labour portfolio.

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