Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities Glen Murray resigns to pursue Liberal leadership

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Glen Murray has resigned his cabinet post as Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities to pursue the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. The leader – and premier – position was left open following the resignation of Dalton McGuinty on October 15, 2012.

Minister Murray’s campaign page,, does not yet contain full platform details. However, it does hint that he is interested in introducing and income contingent loan program to Ontario.

Following Minister Murray’s resignation from cabinet, Minister John Milloy was appointed the new Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities. Milloy had held the post prior to Murray’s appointment and knows the sector well. OCUFA is seeking clarification on how this changeover will affect Minister Murray’s plans for reforming Ontario’s universities. In a statement to the Waterloo Region Record, Milloy indicated that the reform plan may be on pause. Said the Minister

“We want to keep initiatives moving along but in terms of the longer term initiatives a lot of that will wait for the new premier.”

This week, Murray was joined by Kathleen Wynne in the contest for the Liberal leadership. They are the only two candidates to formally declare so far.

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