An open letter to the President of Carleton University in support of CUPE 2424

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Dear Alastair Summerlee,

On behalf of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) and the 17,000 full-time and contract university professors and academic librarians we represent at 28 member associations across the province of Ontario, I am writing to urge you to return to the bargaining table with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2424 to negotiate in good faith, and reach a fair deal.

The administrative, technical and library staff who are members of CUPE Local 2424 do important work that keeps Carleton University running. We offer our fullest support to these workers who are seeking to protect their pensions and their bargaining rights around pensions. Faculty across the province understand the importance of campus workers retaining a voice in how their pensions are structured.

All workers deserve to retire with dignity and security. Together, we should be strengthening our pension plans and expanding access to pensions, including to workers in precarious jobs, not seeking rollbacks that put workers’ retirement security in jeopardy.

A recent public opinion poll found that over 90 per cent of Ontarians expect universities to be model employers in their communities. Now is a time to support more good jobs for Ontarians, not fewer. Faculty across the province support workers at Carleton University in their effort to defend good jobs and retirement security.


Gyllian Phillips
President, OCUFA

One Response to “An open letter to the President of Carleton University in support of CUPE 2424”

  1. Amanda Teske

    It is absolutely DEPLORABLE that the FUTURE of Canadian Citizens is being abused for profit.

    Colleges and Universities are NOT businesses meant to generate a profit for shareholders and CEOs. It is an EDUCATION ESTABLISHMENT and the EDUCATION of the public and the future of Canada as a whole should be the utmost priority.

    It disgusts me that I have paid WELL over 20,000 in tuition, and know that MOST of that money did NOT make it to my professors who spent THEIR TIME and THEIR ENERGY to ensure that I have a viable future in my industry.

    PLEASE, consider that studies show that anyone making over 90,000 is exactly as happy as those who make 75,000 to 90,00…….and if that is the case, I see NO reason for a business to pay any employee or shareholder more than that. This would free up much more capital to reinvest in the employees and professors who make these establishments run.

    I thank you for all of your time and consideration in the above matters.

    Have a fantastic day,


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