OFL releases toolkit to organize for universal postsecondary education

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The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) has released a toolkit to support organizing for publicly funded, universal postsecondary education in Ontario. Developed through open public discussions at the OFL’s Education Assembly, the toolkit lays out the rationale for a postsecondary education system free of tuition fees, student debt, and institutional deficits. The OFL shows how this approach has worked in other countries and why it should be a vital part of Canada’s post-COVID recovery plan.

This toolkit is focused on city council advocacy rooted in grassroots organizing, letter writing and lobbying, and raising the media profile of the need for a fully funded public postsecondary education system. The toolkit provides information and talking points on the Laurentian CCAA crisis and asks members to engage in advocacy at the municipal level on this issue in partnership with their local labour council.

For more information about the toolkit and how to get involved, please contact OCUFA Community and Government Relations Policy Analyst Hind Eideh.

The next Education Assembly will take place on Saturday, June 26. Register here.

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