OCUFA’s analyses of the Liberal Party and Progressive Conservative Party platforms

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On May 26, the Ontario Liberals released their platform online. This was followed by the Progressive Conservative platform release on May 30. OCUFA has taken a look at both documents and provided analysis on how they address issues that are important to faculty, including re-investing in universities, supporting faculty renewal, and delivering fairness for contract faculty.

The Liberal platform addresses funding for universities only in the context of providing targeted funding for specific projects, leaving stagnating operating funding unaddressed. Continued commitment in their platform to recent labour law changes that will bring more fairness to workplaces is welcome. However, the equal pay provisions include loopholes and exceptions that employers will use to get around their obligations to pay part-time, contract, and temporary workers fairly – including contract faculty. There are no commitments in the Liberal platform to address faculty renewal, with neither full-time faculty hiring or improving job security for contract faculty being part of their agenda. Read the full OCUFA analysis of the Liberal platform here.

The Progressive Conservative platform leaves funding for universities, faculty renewal, and fairness for contract faculty unaddressed. The platform statement that Ontario has a “spending problem” is a concern when it comes to public funding for all public services, including postsecondary education. Any cuts to university funding in this province would threaten the quality of the student experience, as well as the quality of teaching and research at our institutions. Read the full OCUFA analysis of the PC platform here.

The NDP platform was released in mid-April and OCUFA’s analysis is available here.

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