OCUFA faculty associations participate in constituency week advocacy

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During the week of March 11th, OCUFA member associations from across the province participated in a series of advocacy meetings with MPPs in their ridings. These meetings were organized during a “constituency week” – a week when the provincial legislature is not sitting and many MPPs return to their ridings to hold meetings with their constituents.

Constituency week provided an important opportunity for faculty to discuss important postsecondary issues with MPPs, including:

  • committing to a faculty renewal strategy that supports full-time hiring at universities while creating pathways to secure jobs for contract faculty;
  • moving away from punitive university funding models based on performance metrics and urging greater consultation with faculty about university funding frameworks; and
  • improving access to postsecondary education through protecting and expanding funding for postsecondary education in Ontario.

This is the first time that OCUFA faculty associations strategically engaged in a series of coordinated meetings with MPPs in their ridings during constituency week. Faculty association representatives have provided positive feedback on the meetings with their MPPs. It is an important step in building a strong relationship with their local representatives and increasing the awareness of faculty priorities. Moving forward, OCUFA will continue to support faculty associations wishing to participate in constituency week meetings with their MPPs.

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