OCUFA releases evaluations of party platforms

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During the Ontario election campaign, OCUFA has been monitoring party platform announcements and asking parties pointed questions about where they stand on important policies that will shape the future of postsecondary education in the province.

OCUFA has now completed a comprehensive analysis of each party’s commitments for postsecondary education and evaluated how they measure up to OCUFA’s priorities.

Read OCUFA’s Party platform review and see which party comes out on top and which party fails to articulate a sustainable vision for Ontario’s universities.

Summary of political party voting records

In addition to the party platform review, OCUFA has conducted an analysis of the positions Ontario’s major political parties took on postsecondary issues during the last four years. The promises that political parties make during an election campaign are not always kept, so it is important to look at their past records to develop a better understanding of how they will engage with the sector in the future.

Review the postsecondary education voting records and positions of Ontario’s main political parties.

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