OCUFA endorses student day of action on November 2

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Below is a letter from OCUFA to the Canadian Federation of Students National Chairperson, providing support for the National Day of Action on November 2, 2016

Dear Bilan Arte,

On behalf of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) and the 17,000 university professors and academic librarians we represent at 28 member associations across the province of Ontario, I am writing to express support for the Canadian Federation of Students’ National Day of Action.

Faculty stand by students as they call for public, accessible and high-quality postsecondary education in Ontario and across the country. Cost should not be a barrier for students pursuing higher education. Access to education for students of all backgrounds is a key feature of a fair and democratic society.

Ontario has the highest tuition fees in the country. Last year, for the first time ever tuition fee revenue exceeded public operating funding for Ontario’s universities. Student fees now account for more than half of university operating budgets across the province. Our universities are meant to be public and supported by public funding. The fact that students and their families are bearing the majority of the cost of higher education in Ontario is unacceptable.

OCUFA supports increased public funding to address high tuition fees in Ontario. Adequate government investment in higher education is also foundational for maintaining and improving the quality of postsecondary education.

This November 2, as students across the country come together to support accessible public postsecondary education, faculty in Ontario will be with you.


Judy Bates

President, OCUFA

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