New Brescia Faculty Association agreement delivers big win for contract faculty

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The faculty association at Brescia University College in London, Ontario, has negotiated a new one-year collective agreement that contains two significant wins. First, the faculty association, which represents both tenure-stream and contract faculty at the institution, has secured language guaranteeing that all teaching at Brescia will be done by faculty association members.

Second, contract faculty now have right of first refusal for courses they have previously taught. One of the greatest challenges contract faculty face is a lack of job security. Even if they have been employed at the same institution for many years, there is no guarantee that their contract will be renewed for another term. Some contract faculty have been teaching with this uncertainty for decades. With the new right of first refusal terms negotiated by the Brescia Faculty Association, contract faculty now have much greater certainty about their short-term job security.

3 Responses to “New Brescia Faculty Association agreement delivers big win for contract faculty”

  1. Shirley Van Nuland

    Congratulations from Brescia grad and former UOITFA president. Such an accomplishment takes much work, dedication and negotiating from the BUCA but also working with administration to assure that the vulnerable faculty members are no longer as vulnerable. More does need to be done but what a wonderful accomplishment that both parties have achieved to date.

  2. Angelo Mingarelli

    Congratulations to Brescia faculty Association. The gains for contract faculty are very important and laudable!

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