New articles from Academic Matters for September, 2020

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There is more to Academic Matters than just the print issue. New articles are being added to the Academic Matters website every week. Here are some recent articles you might find interesting:

Courage, strength, and resolve: How the King’s University College Faculty Association unionized in the middle of a pandemic
By Stephanie Bangarth, King’s University College Faculty Association
“’Courage to start; strength to endure; resolve to finish.’ I’m not really sure who said this, but it is a mantra for distance runners. Certainly, this expression inspires my marathon training, but I never realized how true it is for other aspects of life…”

The neoliberal non-performance of consultation: Missing democracy and transparency at the University of Toronto
By Asmita Bhutani, Efrat Gold, Diana M. Barrero Jaramillo, and Ian Tian, University of Toronto
“The University of Toronto has long been criticized for its general conservatism and lack of transparency; this story is almost as old as the university itself. Today, U of T’s top-down, corporate approach is playing out in the midst of a global pandemic…”

How to navigate academia as a female who is the first in her family with a PhD
By Sarah A Gagliano Taliun, Université de Montréal
“Navigating academia is not easy. The top characteristics possessed by academics, which I commonly hear, allude to the demands of this setting: persistence, ambition, and resilience, to name a few. On top of this perhaps daunting baseline, there are some very real obstacles that can…”

Where do students with children stand as Ontario universities and schools reveal reopening plans?
By Norin Taj and Asmita Bhutani, University of Toronto
“The fundamental reorganization of the education system during the pandemic has spotlighted some major debates on caregiving in society. The performance of school boards and universities, as they moved online in the spring and as they plan a return to classroom in the fall, magnifies…”

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