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There is more to Academic Matters than just the print issue. New articles are being added to the Academic Matters website every week. Here are some recent articles you might find interesting:

Connecting people, ideas, and disciplines at Congress 2022
“In a few short weeks, scholars from nearly 40 different academic disciplines will gather virtually for the 91st annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, this year, centred on the theme of Transitions. For us at the Federation, Congress is the culmination of months…”

Academic freedom can’t be separated from responsibility
“Academic freedom has become a polarizing topic. Recent issues at the University of Ottawa expose ongoing challenges of balancing academic freedom with university community members’ rights to respectful and safe classroom and campus spaces. In October 2021, the university’s Committee on Academic Freedom issued…”

From Ryerson to Toronto Metropolitan University: What can we learn from the renaming?
“Ryerson University has a new name: Toronto Metropolitan University. University president Mohamed Lachemi recommended the name from a list developed by a committee of professors, administrators, students and alumni. The name change process was motivated by the Mash Koh Wee Kah Pooh Win (Standing Strong)…”

Four lessons from online learning that should stick after the pandemic
“One of the many changes COVID-19 brought those in education was an almost immediate switch to online learning. Overnight, institutions scrambled to keep education moving, while bridging the physical distance between teacher and learner. Traditionally trained teachers made valiant efforts to adjust to digital…”

Critical race theory and feminism are not taking over our universities
“Conservative observers everywhere are complaining about a supposed surge in feminist and critical race theories being taught in colleges and universities. In Hungary, the government went even further and banned gender studies master’s degrees country-wide. Their reasoning: to avoid the spread of ideas…”

High school grades matter for postsecondary study, but is pandemic assessment fair?
“As COVID-19 restrictions recede across much of the world, students have navigated changes in modes of learning (from virtual to in-person) and social protocols (for example, no masks). Even as societies gradually return to normal, we are constantly reminded that COVID-19 is…”

Who will call out the misogyny and abuse undermining women’s academic freedom in our universities?
“Threats, intimidation and misogyny have long been a reality for women in public life around the world, and the pandemic appears to have amplified this toxic reality. Aotearoa New Zealand is led by one of the world’s best-known female prime ministers, Jacinda Ardern….”

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