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There is more to Academic Matters than just the print issue. New articles are being added to the Academic Matters website every week. Here are some recent articles you might find interesting:

Are there ever really ‘financial reasons’ to fire faculty? Laurentian University, academic freedom, and the disciplining of the professoriate
“The 2020–21 academic year saw two incidents of Ontario professors being effectively fired: the termination of 116 of the 345 professors at Laurentian University in an unprecedented use of the Companies Creditors’ Arrangement Act (CCAA) at a public institution and the donor interference that…”

Blank stares and black screens: The pitfalls of virtual learning and the challenges of post-pandemic education
“The email that summarized my abysmal teaching experience this past term arrived on the final day. A student contacted me in a panic after I sent the class a reminder of a campus-wide schedule change. Confused because our hybrid mode alternated between virtual and…”

Am I becoming Professor Mindy? A reflection on “Don’t Look Up” and my position in the academy
“Last week I watched the film Don’t Look Up with my daughter, an anthropology student passionate about environmental issues and biodiversity loss. The satirical film by Adam McKay tells the story of a doctoral student, Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), and her advisor, Professor Randall…”

Universities after COVID: as lecture theatres reopen, some pandemic teaching methods should live on
“COVID-19 restrictions required universities to move their classes online. It was a tremendous – although difficult – learning experience for all involved in this shift. As restrictions have been lifted, universities are moving back to in-person teaching. With campuses getting busy again, it may look…”

For a ‘safe return’ to university campuses, listen to students most affected by the pandemic
“As many universities have moved back to in-person learning from online learning, this return to “normal” is reproducing ableism, racism and classism. Learning in person is important. But putting it above the lives of lives of disabled people, those who are immune-compromised, elders…”

Gender bias in student surveys on teaching increased with remote learning. What can unis do to ensure a fair go for female staff?
“Gender bias against female academics increased in student evaluations of teaching during remote learning, particularly among male students, our research published today shows. This bias could have impacts on female academics’ leadership and career opportunities, and on their confidence and well-being. Based on our…”

Why insecure work is finally being recognised as a health hazard for some Australians, including faculty on short-term contracts
“About 3 million Australian workers lack job security. An estimated 2.4 million – 20% to 25% of the total workforce – are casual workers, with no paid leave entitlements. A further 500,000 are on fixed-term contracts. Whether you are labourer engaged by a labour…”

1 in 3 Australian university students have been sexually assaulted. They demand action on their vision of a safer society
“One in three university students (30.6%) have experienced sexual assault at least once in their lifetime. This is one finding from the 2021 National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) report, released today. The survey responses from 43,819 students enrolled in 38 Australian universities, as…”

5 ways university and college instructors can help students take care of their mental health
“A few years ago, a student showed up in my class looking distraught. “I don’t think I can be in class today,” the student told me. No explanation, no elaboration. Yet I knew from our previous conversations that this student suffered from anxiety and…”

Humanities are essential in understanding the Russian war against Ukraine
“I recently moderated a virtual event about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hosted by the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies at the University of British Columbia. The event had experts give brief presentations about the war’s background and the session was…”

Ukrainian academics face exile, harassment and censorship in ongoing war
“Protests at universities and statements from the International Science Council denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine point to the beginning of a massive refugee crisis — and also raise urgent questions about how the conflict will affect Ukraine’s scholars and research. Following the Feb. 24…”

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