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There is more to Academic Matters than just the print issue. New articles are being added to the Academic Matters website every week. Here are some recent articles you might find interesting:

The ugly side of performance-based funding for universities
By Marc Spooner, University of Regina
“With the economic and labour disruption wrought by COVID-19, for a time it seemed Ontario and Alberta had realized the folly of judging their universities’ performance against metrics over which the universities themselves had little or no control. Refreshingly, both provinces made an about-face…”

Short-term anti-racist training is not enough to counter systemic racism in Canadian education
By Jerome Cranston, University of Regina
“Over this past pandemic year, I’ve spent a lot time listening to educators from across Canada who are struggling to support their students. As someone who has researched how administrators can better support teaching staff and teacher education and leadership, and in my role…”

Distance learning: How to avoid falling into ‘techno traps’
By Louis-Etienne Dubois, Ryerson University
“As another virtual university semester unfolds—the second or even third for some since the beginning of the pandemic—fatigue and declining satisfaction with this remote format seem to be increasingly felt on both sides of the screen. On the one hand, there are students…”

How to be a mindful anti-racist
By Karen Ragoonaden, University of British Columbia
“These times of uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelming information, mean that many of us are seeking to find a sense of calmness. On top of that, the global upheavals of a virulent pandemic, a very real climate crisis, the instability of economic and political powers and…”

Universities have thrived despite past disruptions and could grow even stronger after COVID-19
By Thomas Klassen, York University
“In the past century, universities have risen to occupy a central place in the knowledge economy, from fostering innovation to attracting promising international students and researchers, and being an anchor for regional and national economic development. Universities are integral to public policy. Never before have…”

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