New agreements reached at Trent, Western, and Wilfrid Laurier universities

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Several faculty associations reached new agreements with their employers in the recent weeks and months. Please find summaries of notable changes below.

Trent University Faculty Association

Trent faculty were able to successfully negotiate several changes to their pension plan, which will facilitate their work towards joining the jointly-sponsored University Pension Plan. The faculty association has also agreed to create a new joint-committee to explore potential improvements to the benefits package, and another benefits sub-committee to determine possible equity, diversity, inclusion, and indigenization improvements.

University of Western Ontario Faculty Association

Western University’s Librarians and Archivists have a new four-year agreement that adds a new equity representative on selection committees and uses gender-neutral language throughout. The agreement promises new office space for Librarians and Archivists and establishes a Librarians and Archivists Forum to facilitate discussion of their priorities with the university administration. Further, a Memorandum of Agreement includes new voluntary retirement incentives with a guarantee that these positions are replaced.

Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association

Wilfrid Laurier’s contract faculty have negotiated a new agreement in which significant gains were made in terms of job security for members holding Standing Appointments. The three-year appointments are now renewable indefinitely and both the minimum number of appointments and the minimum guaranteed teaching loads have increased. The new agreement has also increased the number of members who are eligible to participate in improved plans for extended health and dental benefits. Further, there were substantial increases to Professional Expense Reimbursements and to the Professional Development Fund to which all contract faculty have access.

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