It’s time to prioritize postsecondary education

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This election presents a valuable opportunity to put postsecondary education on the agenda and build a better future for Ontario. Each political party is making promises and proposals that will affect university faculty, students, our families, and our communities.

This election, OCUFA is focused on three advocacy priorities:

  • Fairness for contract faculty to ensure all faculty are treated with respect and shift Ontario universities away from their dependence on precarious contract labour.
  • Increase student financial assistance and replace OSAP loans with grants.
  • Strong public funding for universities is necessary to support excellence in teaching and research, especially at universities in Northern Ontario and those that offer Indigenous and bilingual programming.

Take action today. Send an email to the leaders of Ontario’s political parties to tell them it’s time to revitalize public postsecondary education in Ontario and to ask them to show their support for fairness for contract faculty, increased student aid, and robust public funding for Ontario’s universities.

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