Investigation of international student recruitment industry results from Fellowship in Higher Education Journalism

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We are proud to announce the first article published as a result of the OCUFA Fellowship in Higher Education Journalism. The Fellowship is designed to support those wishing to pursue in-depth investigative reporting on higher education in Canada.

With the backing of the Fellowship, respected journalist Nicholas Hune-Brown spent two years investigating the troubling world of international student recruitment. Every year, hundreds of thousands of foreign students are actively recruited to enroll at Canadian universities and colleges. “The Shadowy Business of International Education,” published in The Walrus, explores this growing industry with a particular focus on India, the source of more than a third of Canada’s international students in 2019.

The article paints a fascinating, revealing, and concerning picture of the international student recruitment industry. It’s an important read for anyone interested in international student issues, immigration, or the commercialization of Canadian postsecondary education.

Read “The Shadowy Business of International Education” in The Walrus.

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