Increasing solidarity among university workers

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The opportunity for improvements to labour law presented by the provincial government’s ongoing Changing Workplaces Review is bringing university workers together. Faculty are advocating for equal pay and access to benefits for contract workers, food service workers are fighting for a $15 minimum wage, and custodial staff want an end to the contracting out and contract flipping that erodes their working conditions.

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, university workers joined with students on more than ten university campuses to spread love and advocate for change. Under the banner of the Fight for $15 & Fairness, university workers and students are united in calling on the government to deliver positive changes as soon as possible. Thousands of signatures of support have now been gathered on Ontario campuses.

This was one area of focus at CUPE Ontario’s university workers conference, which took place from February 23 to 26. OCUFA attended the event as part of ongoing efforts to foster solidarity between different groups of workers on campus. Many shared and important issues were addressed, including pensions, underfunding, fair wages, and the worrying growth in part-time, contract and casual positions.

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