UOIT Faculty fight back against new policy that excludes campus community from governance

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Faculty at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) are speaking out against a new policy that bars students, faculty members, and the public from attending meetings of the Board of Governors. The policy requires five working days of notice for any individual to attend as an observer, and 10 daysnotice for anyone wishing to speak. The policy also defines Board meetings as “non-public,” which prevents members of the general public from attending, or even accessing agendas and minutes.

Quoted on Durhamregion.com, UOIT Faculty Association President Gary Genosko said, “This egregious move on the part of the highest decision-making body at UOIT shows a complete disregard for openness and transparency.”

The UOIT Board of Governors approves budgets and ratifies collective agreements, in addition to setting tuition fees. The new policy makes it harder for faculty and students to provide input on decisions that affect them directly. It also makes it difficult for the campus community to know what the Board is discussing or deciding.

The UOIT Student Association has created an online petition calling for the repeal of the policy.

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