University of Windsor Provost questions program prioritization

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Recently, several Ontario universities have begun “program prioritization processes,” or PPP.  These initiatives seek to rank academic and non-academic programs to determine an institution’s “strengths.” However, these processes have a variety of problems and, in extreme cases, can lead to program cuts.
University of Windsor Provost Leo Groarke has written an article in Academic Matters that criticizes the way in which program prioritization is being done in Ontario. In his view, program prioritization can lead to conflict and anxiety on campus, and do more harm than good:
“Instead of helping universities sort through the difficult decisions, many attempts at PPP seem to produce conflict and resistance to more productive ways of dealing with the difficult questions that universities simply cannot avoid. It makes it harder, not easier, to take on the serious challenges we face.”
While Groarke acknowledges that institutions must find ways to respond to financial constraints, he suggests that there are much more collaborative and productive ways to review and improve programs. OCUFA agrees.

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