Show your support for contract faculty – sign the We Teach Ontario pledge!

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Today, OCUFA is launching an online Pledge, where students, faculty, and citizens can demonstrate their commitment to fairness for contract faculty. Part of the We Teach Ontario initiative, the pledge is open to individuals and organizations who believe in fair pay, benefits, predictable scheduling, and job security for contract faculty members.

The pledge reads:

Professors are at the heart of our universities. They are the teachers and mentors that help students succeed. They do the research that improves the lives of Ontarians and drives our economy forward. Unfortunately, a growing number of instructors in Ontario are now precariously employed. They have low pay, poor job security, and often no benefits. These poor working conditions hurt students, institutions, and communities. Together, we can send a strong message to university administrators and government in Ontario: every academic job should be a good job.

Show your support for fairness for contract faculty. Sign the pledge today!

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