OCUFA to hold “After Bill 168: Occupational Health and Safety in the Academy” workshop

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OCUFA is pleased to announce a workshop on the ongoing implementation of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act on Ontario campuses. The workshop is intended to initiate broader dialogue between all association representatives charged with protecting members’ rights to a healthy and safe workplace.

Nearly five years have elapsed since the provisions for workplace harassment and workplace violence under the Act came into force. Practices for meeting the legal requirements of Section 32 vary widely at Ontario universities. The experience of faculty associations and their members is decidedly mixed, and faculty associations continue to seek effective means of ensuring commitments to a healthy and safe workplace are kept.

The workshop will:

  • Provide up-to-date information on legal issues, and rights and responsibilities;
  • Facilitate a practical discussion about what exists now at the association level;
  • Identify frameworks and practices that facilitate resolution of complaints and discord;
  • Identify steps faculty associations may take to increase protection of members’ rights;
  • Propose issues for further discussion and action;
  • Foster a community of practice sharing experience and knowledge about effective means of ensuring healthy and safe workplaces in the academy.

This workshop is directed towards a cross-section of faculty association representatives and staff– grievance officers, representatives on joint occupational health and safety committees, equity and human rights officers, negotiating committee members, and members of faculty association executives. Participation is restricted to faculty association representatives, and the number of participants is limited: consult with your association about attending and be sure to register early.

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