Carleton prof “invalidated” from Board of Governors, CUASA files grievance

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Root Gorelick, the Carleton professor at the heart of an ongoing controversy about transparency and accountability at the university’s Board of Governors, has been effectively removed from the Board. His “invalidation” occurred after he refused to sign the Board’s new Code of Conduct, which Gorelick believes is intended to stifle dissent and obscure the Board’s decision-making process.

In response, the Carleton University Academic Staff Association has filed a grievance and released the following statement:

Today, CUASA has filed a grievance on behalf of Professor Root Gorelick in response to the Employer’s continued actions to circumvent the CUASA collective agreement.

Our members rights’ should never be checked at the doors of a boardroom when they choose to participate in the formation and recommendation of policy within the University, participate in the governance of the University, and while performing service.

CUASA has serious concerns for all of our members who may express interest in these elected positions. Only a short year ago, the Board of Governors attempted to amend the bylaws to force the full exclusion of union officers due to an “irreconcilable” conflict of interest and bar them from holding elected Faculty seats.

One of CUASA’s union officers was appointed after Professor Gorelick’s Expression of Interest was rejected and was required to sign the Code of Conduct in order to preserve his right to retain the Faculty Governor seat.

CUASA will continue to vigorously defend the rights of all our members. All of our members should have the ability to express interest and participate in open elections.

Professor Gorelick documented his conflict with the Carleton Board of Governors in an article in the latest issue of OCUFA’s Academic Matters.

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