What you can do in the final week before the election

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The provincial election is just over a week away and there are still plenty of ways to get involved and have an impact before E-Day.

Tell the party leaders and your local candidates to make higher education a priority. Use the “Take Action” function on the OCUFA election webpage to send an email to your local candidates and the party leaders, telling them that higher education is important to you. It only takes a minute!

If there is an all-candidates meeting scheduled in your riding, attend the meeting and  ask the candidates questions about issues affecting the higher education sector – for example, where do they stand on funding for universities and faculty hiring? What is their position on wage freezes in the broader public sector, the right to strike, and labour law reforms?

And finally, read up on the party platforms to ensure that when you vote it’s an informed vote.  Read and share OCUFA’s analysis of the Liberal, PC and NDP platforms, highlighting what each of the platforms has to say on issues affecting the postsecondary education sector. You can access each of the party’s complete platforms here: Liberal, PC and NDP.

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