QUFA ratifies a new collective agreement

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The Queen’s University Faculty Association has ratified a three-year agreement with the Queen’s University administration. Members of QUFA also voted yes in the consent vote for the conversion of the pension plan to the University Pension Plan. If the UPP is created, the expiry of the Collective Agreement will move from April 30 to June 30 of 2022. The negotiations for the renewal of the Collective Agreement and the University Pension Plan consent vote were tied together because of the proximity of the expiry of the Collective Agreement and the consent vote. The Association achieved across-the-board salary increases comparable to other faculty associations. Other achievements included harmonization of the normal retirement date, recognition of Queen’s service for the unreduced early retirement option of the UPP, offsets for UPP contribution increases, and voluntary phased retirement as well as enhanced post-retirement benefits such as drug cards for retirees.

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