Nipissing faculty on strike

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Full-time faculty at Nipissing University have gone on strike after they were unable to reach a fair and equitable settlement with the university administration. OCUFA and all of its member faculty associations stand in solidarity with the members of the Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA) who are on the picket lines fighting for quality education through faculty complement, a real say in university governance, and fair compensation. Below is the statement from NUFA regarding the strike.

Nipissing Full-Time Faculty on Strike
As of 12:01 am on Monday 02 November, Members of the Full-Time Academic Staff Bargaining Unit of NUFA are officially and legally on strike. Members in the bargaining unit shall withdraw their labour from Nipissing University until such time as a renewal agreement has been reached and a back-to-work protocol has been agreed upon.

After many hours of negotiations, the Collective Bargaining Committee regrets to say that it has been unable to come to an agreement with the Employer by the strike deadline. We are still very far apart on a number of key issues.

The proper place of Faculty is at the university, teaching students and conducting research, but not at any cost.

The main sticking points in reaching an agreement include issues related to meaningful participation in governance, maintaining faculty complement, and fair financial compensation. “Our members gave us an overwhelmingly clear mandate that they wanted an agreement that gives our Members a fair say and fair pay. The Employer refuses to hear that message,” said NUFA president Susan Srigley.

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