Bargaining update: Settlement ratified at Nipissing, Brock in mediation, negotiations continue at Windsor

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Contract faculty at Nipissing have ratified their settlement with the university administration. The new deal was reached through conciliation, and covers a two year term ending in April 2016. The contract faculty unit was able to secure an increase in the course stipend, and new language around lay-offs. There is now a process where the faculty association is included in the discussion prior to the issuance of any lay-off notices.

The Brock University Faculty Association (BUFA) has entered pre-conciliation mediation with Peter Simpson.

Despite the provocative moves of the university administration last week, bargaining continues at the University of Windsor. The Windsor University Faculty Association mobilized quickly and effectively in the face of administration threats, and helped push the employer away from their aggressive position. WUFA remains committed to negotiating a fair deal at the table.

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