Bargaining slows at Laurier, “teaching-intensive” remains thorny issue at Ottawa

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The pace of bargaining appears to have slowed at Wilfrid Laurier University in the negotiations covering full-time professors and librarians. Faculty association negotiators have presented a full package of proposals, including monetary, to their administration counterparts but have not received responses to the monetary issues. Meantime, the pace of meetings has slowed.

At the University of Ottawa, faculty association negotiators have offered to exchange monetary proposals while continuing non-monetary discussions with the employer. Monetary proposals, which can be sent to final-offer-selection arbitration if no settlement is arrived at, cannot be settled until non-monetary issues have been settled. In the non-monetary area, negotiators are still clearing items off, either by signing off or withdrawing them. Negotiations continue on librarian issues and course-load reductions for faculty-association work. Left as well are workload assignment (information provided to members on workload) and teaching-intensive positions.

At Brescia negotiations towards a first collective agreement are underway, with the parties meeting to discuss how to proceed with bargaining. 

The Nipissing University Faculty Association held a general membership meeting Wednesday November 16 to discuss the collective bargaining team’s draft package of negotiating demands. The Nipissing agreement expires April 30, 2012, and ratification of the package is set for December 1-3, 2011.

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