Anti-labour legislation update: What OCUFA is doing

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As we reported last week, the Liberal government has unveiled anti-labour legislation that strips public sector employees of their bargaining rights – including professors and academic librarians. OCUFA is moving aggressively to fight back against this legislation. Since the announcement, we have:

  • Attended a meeting a senior public sector union leaders to coordinate strategy, and participated in the press conference that followed the meeting (Sept. 26).
  • Analyzed the new legislation with help from our legal team at Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell, and provided a technical briefing to faculty association representatives. Both the briefing and a set of Q&As are available to registered OCUFA members.
  • Challenged the proposed legislation in a widely read press release and through social media channels.

We will continue to work with our union partners over the coming weeks, and we will also be coordinating resistance with our friends in the student movement. We also plan to stay visible in the media through Op-eds, letters to the editor, and by coordinating the communications of our members at the local level. This legislation is an unprecedented assault on the bargaining rights of public sector employees, and we will oppose it in every possible venue.

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