McMaster professor wins OCUFA’s Award of Distinction for improving working conditions for academic women

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Michelle Dion, a professor at McMaster University has won the 2015 Status of Women Award of Distinction, presented by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA).

The award, sponsored by OCUFA’s Status of Women Committee, recognizes women who have improved the lives and working conditions of academic women and, by extension, their colleagues, families, and friends.

“Michelle’s dedication to equity coupled with her exceptional research skills has made a real difference for academic women at McMaster, not to mention across Ontario and Canada,” said Helene Cummins, Chair of the Status of Women Committee. “Her work on the identification and correction of a gender pay gap among faculty at McMaster has made headlines, and improved the working conditions of her colleagues. She is thus a natural choice for this honour.”

Prof. Dion played an instrumental role in the development of a pioneering gender pay equity study at McMaster University which led to significant improvements to the pay of academic women at the institution. Her work established the principle that gender-based pay inequity will not be tolerated, and that periodic reviews of gender pay equity should be an ongoing activity at every university.

“OCUFA is committed to advancing and protecting the personal, professional and academic interests of women in the academy,” said Judy Bates, President of OCUFA. “That is why we are so proud to bestow this honor upon such an exceptional advocate for academic women.”

Prof. Dion will receive her award at a ceremony hosted by OCUFA in Toronto on February 20, 2016.

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